What is unclaimed property?

Unclaimed property is property that has been abandoned or lost by its rightful owner(s) for an extended amount of time. Each state has enacted laws that include the criteria for identifying, reporting, and remitting unclaimed property and having it transferred to the state if no one claims it.

I received an unclaimed property letter. What do I do?

Please fill out the letter and return it to our office immediately in order to re-establish contact and prevent the monies from being remitted to the state. If there is a return date on the letter which you will not be able to meet, please also contact our Owner Relations at (866) 322-0801 or ownerrelations@swn.com.

How do I claim funds escheated to the state?

After the monies are remitted, the state becomes the custodian of the unclaimed property. You must contact the state directly to make a claim. If you haven’t already, please also contact Southwestern Energy so that we may research and advise you on what is needed to update the account to an active status and prevent future remittances to the state.