Division Orders

If you receive a division order from SWN please confirm the information provided is correct and sign and return the form. If updates are needed, please provide this in the space provided at the bottom of the form.

What is a Division Order?

A Division Order is a document mailed to owners with interest in a producing well. It provides your decimal ownership interest in that specific well, and confirms current contact information. All owners listed on the account must sign the Division Order before returning it to Southwestern Energy.

The Division Order also states whether the account is in a pay or suspense status.

What is an Indemnifying Division Order?

This is a type of Division Order that contains additional language which indemnifies Southwestern Energy, wherein the owner agrees to reimburse any funds paid incorrectly.

A common example of when an Indemnifying Division Order would be used is when interest is transferred to heirs based on an Affidavit of Heirship, rather than probate, as an Affidavit does not actually transfer title.

What is a Transfer Order?

A Transfer Order is a document similar to a Division Order, but confirms a change of ownership has been processed.

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Unclaimed Property Letter

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