Direct Deposit

How do I add or change my direct deposit information?

Direct Deposit (also known as Automatic Check Deposit)

Click here to print the Direct Deposit Enrollment form.

Issue of Checks

When are royalty checks issued?

Checks are typically issued on or around the 25th of each month. Please allow at least 10 business days for postal delivery. Setting up Direct Deposit can eliminate the delay that standard mail imposes.

Why didn’t I receive a check this month?

If you did not receive a royalty payment, your account may be in suspense. It is also possible that you have not accrued enough funds to meet the state minimum royalty amount to issue a check. This amount is $25 for most of the states in which Southwestern Energy currently operates.

If you did not receive a lease payment, please ensure you have provided us with any updates from the time the lease was originally signed. If the owner does not inform us of a change in ownership or address, we are unable to update our records.

Please note, once the initial Primary Term of the lease ends, the lease will either expire or enter into a Secondary Term. In the Secondary Term, the lease is active as long as there are operations or production, and no extension payment is needed.

Why is my account in suspense?

Payments may be suspended in the event of a title dispute, assignment of interest, notice of death, transfer or sale of property, or having an unknown or bad address due to returned mail.

Below is a list of suspense codes:

Code Suspense Reason
STI Title Issues
SBA Bad Address
STR Transfer Pending
SDC Deceased
SLG Legal/Litigation
SUD Unsigned Division Order or Transfer Order

What do I do if my check is lost, stolen or is over 180 days?

You may contact Owner Relations and request for the check to be re-issued. Please allow at least 10 business days for standard mail delivery prior to determining that the check is lost. Checks older than 180 days will be voided, and the funds placed back onto the owner account.

Royalty Check Amount & Statements

How can I view royalty check detail statements?

Please check your onine account with EnergyLink

Why does my monthly royalty payment amount vary?

Some factors that can cause monthly royalty payment amounts to vary:

  • Monthly price fluctuations due to market conditions
  • Production volumes change monthly
  • New well added to the unit
  • Well is Shut-In for operations or weather
  • State regulatory or contractual changes that affect royalty
  • Ad-valorem or Severance tax deductions may have been applied

I own the same interest in a property as another owner, but why do our payments differ?

There are many possible reasons for differences in royalty payments including:

  • Other individual may own additional interest
  • Owners may be subject to different tax implications
  • Prior voided checks are being re-issued
  • Suspended funds are being released

Why is the decimal interest on my division order different from the one on my check detail statement?

The Division Order provides the total decimal interest for the owner in the well, and this is shown as the “Lease Decimal” on your Check Detail Statement. The “Settlement Decimal” on your Check Detail Statement reflects Southwestern Energy’s portion of your royalty payment when there are additional working interest partners in the well.