Southwestern Energy Company (SWN) sees strong corporate governance as key to achieving its objectives to enhance long-term value for shareholders. Led by President and Chief Executive Officer Bill Way, SWN senior management is responsible for running the operations of the Company, under the oversight of the Board of Directors.

The Board of Directors is elected by SWN shareholders. SWN’s Corporate Governance Guidelines require that a majority of the members of the Board be independent of the company’s executive leadership and significant shareholders. The independent directors are required to meet in executive sessions as appropriate matters for their consideration arise, no less than once a year, and historically they do so at every scheduled meeting.

as of September 7, 2023

The Board of Directors has named an independent director, Catherine A. Kehr, as Chair of the Board. SWN’s Board has determined that all current directors, other than President and CEO Bill Way, are independent under standards set by the New York Stock Exchange and the Company’s Corporate Governance Guidelines.

Under SWN’s Amended and Restated Certificate of Incorporation and Second Amended and Restated Bylaws, shareholders have the right to call a special meeting of shareholders and to nominate director candidates, including “proxy access” candidates who would appear in the Company’s proxy statement. We have no supermajority voting requirements.

The following key documents and policies play key roles in our corporate governance:

Southwestern Energy strives for responsiveness and transparency. If you have concerns or complaints to share on a confidential basis, you may Contact the Board to submit a message via regular mail. You may also report confidentially by calling the SWN Hotline at 877-516-3496 or reporting online at