Lease Payments

When will I receive another lease payment?

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I received a letter about my lease check. What do I do?

Southwestern Energy attempted to send you a Lease payment, but it was returned. Please confirm your information so that we can resend your payment. Lease payments are sent by certified mail, and a signature is required.

Lease Documents

What is an Oil and Gas Lease?

An oil and gas lease is a written agreement where someone owning the right to underground gas, oil or other substances (the “Lessor”) allows another party (the “Lessee”) to explore for, drill, and produce oil or gas on specified lands for a certain period of time, in exchange for the payment of royalties. The lessor may own those rights because it owns the surface, or the surface owners may have sold those rights to someone else in the past. The lease provides a legal description of the property covered, the amount of royalty to be paid (typically expressed as a fraction or percentage), the length of the lease, and the rights and obligations that the Lessor and Lessee have agreed to.

What is a Memorandum of Lease?

The Memorandum is a brief summary of important aspects of the Lease. A Memorandum of a Lease may be filed in the court house in place of the entire Lease agreement.


What is a Mortgage Subordination?

A Mortgage Subordination is a document that prevents an Oil and Gas Lease from becoming invalid when a Mortgage is at risk or in default. This applies only when the Mortgage is taken prior to the Lease.