County Tax

Southwestern Energy supplies the counties with updated ownership information on a yearly basis. If you feel that there is an error on your tax statement, please call the county tax office that sent you the invoice.

Delinquent Taxes

When placed on notice of delinquent taxes for an owner, Southwestern Energy may pay the taxes on the owner’s behalf. If the amount is more than the amount available in the owner’s account, the owner will not receive a check until the funds have been recovered.

1099 Form

When are 1099 Misc. Tax Forms mailed out?

No later than January 31st of the succeeding year. If the 31st falls on Saturday or Sunday, the IRS allows for mailing the following Monday.

Why didn’t I receive a 1099?

There are several reasons you may not have received a 1099, including:

  • Your gross revenues were less than the minimum royalties threshold of $10
  • Your gross revenues were less than the minimum “anything else” threshold of $600
  • You did not receive any revenue for the reportable year
  • Your 1099 was mailed to the address we have on file, which may not be your current address
  • 1099s are not issued to corporations or exempt entities

Why does my 1099 amount reflect more than what I received?

Per IRS requirements, the 1099 reports the gross amount before taxes and other deductions. Please refer to the back of the 1099 for more detail – this will assist you with reconciling your gross and net amounts received.

What amount do I report on my taxes: gross or net?

Southwestern Energy Company cannot issue tax advice. If you need further instruction on how to reflect your 1099-MISC on your tax return, please consult a tax professional.

W9 & Backup Withholding Tax

What is Backup Withholding Tax?

The IRS requires Southwestern Energy to back-up withhold 24% from an owner’s payments when there is not a Social Security Number or Tax Identification Number on the owner account. A completed IRS Form W-9 must be provided in order to add this information to your account and remove the back-up withholding.

Form W-9

Click below for a printable Form W-9

W-9 Form

Please mail, fax or email your Form W-9 to the following:

Southwestern Energy
ATTN: Corporate Land
P.O. Box 12359
Spring, TX 77391-2359
Owner Relations Line: 866-322-0801
Owner Relations Fax: 832-796-4757
Owner Relations email: