What documents should I provide?

Please reference the chart below to determine documents you need to submit to Southwestern Energy for ownership changes. Once documentation is received, please allow time for review and processing. Items are working in the order they are received. Transfer Orders (or Indemnifying Division Orders for Affidavits) will be mailed upon completion of the ownership transfer.

Ownership Change Documents Needed
Sale of Interest
  • Deed recorded in the county where the property is located
  • W-9 for the new owner
Death of Owner
  • Death Certificate
  • Probate documents, if applicable
  • W-9 for each heir
  • Coversheet with your contact information so we may request any additional documentation needed after reviewing the account
Bankruptcy – Chapter 11 or Chapter 7
  • Order from Bankruptcy Court which designates how payments should be made
  • W-9 for new payee
Trust/Partnership is created
  • Trust or Partnership Agreement
  • Recorded Deed into the Trust or Partnership
  • W-9 for Trust
Trust/Partnership is terminated
  • Dissolution of Trust or Partnership
  • Recorded Deed to the beneficiary
  • W-9 for Beneficiary
Change in Trustee
  • Document where successor trustee was appointed
Transfer to a Trust
  • Certificate of Trust, which contains information naming the Trustees and their authorization
  • Tax Information for the Trust (EIN Form from IRS)
  • Deed into the Trust recorded in the county where the property is located

**Disclaimer: SWN does not provide deeds or templates for any conveyance instruments for ownership changes. Please contact an Oil and Gas attorney in your area to assist with this process.