The Environmental Partnership Releases Annual Report

Southwestern Energy has a longstanding commitment to being a good steward of the environment and doing the right things in all facets of our operations. One area of focus under this commitment is our early and continued work with methane intensity as an indicator of environmental performance.  As the underpinning of our continued environmental success, our teams have focused on creative and innovative ways to voluntarily minimize emissions associated with our operations. Through specific work practices and learnings, the results of these efforts have earned Southwestern Energy recognition as a leader in this space.

Consistent with this focus, Southwestern Energy is an active participant in The Environmental Partnership. By taking action on environmental performance, building upon knowledge and fostering collaboration among stakeholders, the collaborative highlights some of the voluntary actions that demonstrate continuous improvement for the industry. We share in a common belief that addressing environmental performance is a critical component of securing America’s long-term energy future.

To learn more about their work, click here for The Environmental Partnership’s 2021 Annual Report.