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Roadway safety is a top priority for Southwestern Energy Company in all areas of our operations. SWN created Street Smart, a program designed to stimulate thoughtful discussion and generate creative solutions to roadway safety issues. We strongly encourage the participation of our suppliers in these roadway safety efforts and to-date, more than 6,000 people have taken part in this customized training program from Arkansas to New Brunswick, Canada. "Southwestern Energy is committed to conducting our business according to the highest standards, and this commitment extends to our valued suppliers. We believe that by working together, we can lead the way in roadway safety in our communities," said George Sheffer, vice president, exploration and production services. Street Smart First Lieutenant and Assistant District Commander Todd Wetzel of the Arkansas Highway Police said the company's roadway safety education program drives the message of safety to a diverse group of personnel by introducing the human factor into the story. "It places the significance of an ongoing continuum of safety as the most important factor while getting the job done," Wetzel said. "It is clear that Southwestern Energy places safety at the top of its list." We encourage you to learn more about Street Smart by viewing the video located on the side panel.  Here, you will also find a link to our Street Smart training schedule. Pre-registration is necessary to attend.  Please contact our Supply Services team for more information by phone at 501-548-6764 or by email at