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Southwestern Energy and its subsidiary companies’ strategic approach to business follows this formula:
SWN Formula
"The Right People doing the Right Things wisely investing the cash flow from our underlying Assets will create Value+"
In keeping with our business strategy, Southwestern Energy desires to conduct business with vendors who:
  • add value
  • are competitive
  • understand our business
  • demonstrate commitment to a Health, Safety and Environmental program
  • conduct operations in a manner that is environmentally friendly while protecting employees and the local community
  • possess financial stability
  • possess high ethical standards
  • have quality procedures and processes
  • deliver goods or services in a timely manner

We expect our vendors to honor Southwestern Energy's Business Conduct Guidelines and be in compliance with applicable health, safety, and environmental regulations, as well as, state and federal laws and regulations. To be considered by Southwestern Energy during the contractor services selection process, Contractors and their subcontractors performing services for Southwestern Energy need to meet our Vendor Pre-Qualification and HSE Performance Tracking requirements. Noncompliance with this requirement will result in restrictions from performing work for Southwestern Energy and only companies who have met our requirements and who maintain acceptable ratings will be considered during the contractor selection process for Southwestern Energy.