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Southwestern Energy’s enterprise-wide software system allows us to efficiently manage our invoice workflow process. This system is used for all of Southwestern Energy subsidiaries.

Benefits of Electronic Invoicing

Electronic invoicing benefits both Southwestern Energy and its vendors. Our objective is to process invoices more efficiently and to consistently pay our vendors in a timely manner. Some of the more obvious benefits for the vendor include:
  • Expedited invoice processing and timely payment. Southwestern Energy strives to pay electronic invoices within 30 days from date invoice was received. A paper invoice can add additional days to the payment cycle.
  • Efficient, online dispute resolution. If problems arise with an invoice, we often can resolve the issue by communicating through a Web site. The vendor no longer is required to resend paper invoices, potentially starting the entire approval process a second time.
  • Online tracking of invoices. Vendors have the ability to view the “status” of their electronic invoices, thus eliminating the chance of an invoice being lost or delayed because it has been misplaced. The vendor can view this information as often as needed.
  • Easy to use, Web-based interface. The process of submitting invoices to Southwestern Energy electronically is done through a third-party website that is tailored for the novice computer user.
  • Multiple options for submitting invoices. There are three options for submitting electronic invoices. The vendor can directly key the invoice through a website, or the vendor can create and upload multiple invoices at once, or finally, the vendor can develop an automated upload from their accounting system. Our third-party partner supports all three methods.

Vendor Requirements

While there’s no direct cost to our vendors for the service of submitting electronic invoices, vendors will need a computer setup, a high-speed Internet connection and a scanner to image field-support documentation.

Next Steps

To get started, provide us with the information requested below and complete the "electronic invoicing signup sheet" in the Resources section. A representative from Southwestern Energy will contact you to begin the setup and training on ADP OpenInvoice. Send the following information as well as the completed forms attached to
  • Company Name
  • Contact Name for Electronic Invoicing
  • Contact Phone #
  • Contact E-mail
  • Copy of W9