IPIECA: SOC-6, SOC-7 / GRI: 103-1, 103-2, 404-3, 404-4

SWN believes in treating every employee with respect, dignity and fairness, and this belief guides our approach to workforce policies and programs – from recruiting and integrating new employees to supporting employees’ career development.

Recruitment and Onboarding

We believe in selecting individuals driven to collaborate, help deliver results as a team, and who demonstrate a genuine care for others and a desire to do the Right Thing at all times.  To us these qualities are just as important, if not more so, than simply having good technical abilities or functional job skills. Further, SWN actively recruits and seeks candidates in our areas of operation as part of a commitment to hiring locally and expanding economic opportunity in our communities. We also recruit through a range of channels to attract candidates to increase our workforce diversity.

In most years, SWN offers summer internships to college-level candidates and preferentially hires participants into full-time positions upon graduation. Similarly, many new hires who join SWN directly out of college, particularly in technical fields, begin their careers in a mentor-guided rotational program, during which they cycle through different roles within the company before being placed in a longer-term position.

Sharing the SWN culture with new employees is a key focus of our employee onboarding process.

All new employees participate in the R2 (Right People doing the Right Things) workshop, which provides a comprehensive look at who we are as a company and the importance of our culture.

Training and Development

Our employee development programs aim to provide SWN employees with the right tools, training and resources to be successful. We offer a range of development solutions targeted at meeting individual employees’ needs. 

SWN invests significantly in high-level technical training programs to ensure our employees have the necessary technical knowledge and skills our business demands. We also offer various programs aimed at building nontechnical skills such as communicating with and influencing others. In addition, our numerous health, safety and environmental trainings provide opportunities to bolster employees’ skills and careers.

Employee Engagement

SWN measures employee engagement and enablement through a bi-annual survey, which is administered by a third-party vendor. In our most recent survey, SWN’s average employee participation of 90% was well above the overall industry’s average participation norm of 75%, according to Arthur J. Gallagher & Co, the third-party experts who implemented our survey. The results of the survey were analyzed, and then an action plan was created and implemented based on feedback from the survey. We developed an action plan based on survey results, which was communicated to the employees through employee town halls and other employee communication, including a “Breakfast With the CEO” program, which was instituted as a result of the survey. In accordance with our policy of bi-annual surveys of our workforce, SWN conducted a survey in 2021 and is currently awaiting the results.

We also measure employee turnover as a key indicator of employee satisfaction. In 2020, SWN’s attrition rate was 7%.