We believe that natural gas is fundamental to meeting the essential need both domestically and globally for a mix of sustainable, economic, low-cost energy.

Reliable energy has been critical in supporting economic growth, which in turn has contributed to the advancement of people across the world and fueled an increase in standards of living. Global population and economic growth will continue to require increases in energy consumption.  Key market participants like producers, consumers, and investors prefer that cleaner and more efficient fuels be utilized to satisfy future energy demand. 

Shale gas production has played a vital role in improving the carbon outlook in the US.  During the past decade, growth in domestic shale gas production and renewable energy enabled the US to reduce its reliance on coal, which in turn has led to an 18% decline in carbon dioxide emissions since 2010.  Prolific shale production allowed the US to reach net energy independence in recent years and positioned the US as a major exporter of liquefied natural gas (LNG).  It now provides international markets with access to cleaner-burning natural gas.

The energy sector is expected to continue evolving to meet the needs of the market and expectations of investors and policymakers alike.  Coal consumption is projected to continue to decline and natural gas is well suited to provide a reliable and lower-carbon power solution.  Meanwhile, renewable resources like wind and solar will continue to increase.  While batteries are likely to play a role in balancing the intermittent renewable resources in the future, we believe the reliability and clean benefits of natural gas will make it a foundational and sustainable fuel as the world transitions to a lower carbon future.

Source: EIA International Energy Outlook 2021

Access to global natural gas markets

US shale gas will play a pivotal role in meeting the projected increase in global natural gas demand in the coming decades, and SWN is uniquely positioned to be a key player with its assets in the nation’s two premier natural gas basins.  Natural gas produced from our Appalachian operations can be sold in regional, national and even global markets through our portfolio of low-cost transportation. With the acquisition of Indigo Natural Resources in September 2021, we expanded our global market reach with direct access to the Gulf Coast LNG corridor.  Following the acquisition, approximately 50% of our daily natural gas produced in Appalachia and Haynesville is transported to locations on the Gulf Coast and may ultimately be sold in the global gas market. Access to Gulf Coast markets will be further increased by the announced acquisition of GEP Haynesville.

Note: As of September 1, 2021

With our global market reach, it is increasingly important to exceed the regulatory requirements both within the United States and abroad. Increasing regulation around the globe means that not all gas molecules will be treated the same, and SWN’s efforts to certify and continuously monitor its wells ensures a differentiated competitive advantage as well as continued access to these growing domestic and global markets.


Capturing the tangible benefits of increased scale has improved our financial position and strengthened the Company’s outlook, and these benefits of scale also extend to ESG matters. As companies with greater resources and evolved ESG strategies control a larger amount of assets, it provides an opportunity for an acceleration of progress across the sector.  For example, after the acquisition of Montage Resources in November 2020, SWN began deploying technologies to reduce emissions on the acquired properties. SWN’s investment is expected to reduce methane intensity on legacy Montage acreage by utilizing dehydration controls and pneumatic controls. SWN expects to perform a similar assessment with all new acquisitions including our 2021 acquired Indigo Natural Resources and GEP Haynesville assets. Thus, we believe that our strategic acquisitions and industry consolidation will accelerate a lower carbon future.