Our leadership-led response to COVID-19 was data-supported and highly adaptable to changing conditions. In March 2020, SWN formed a cross-functional COVID-19 Incident Command Team (“ICT”) responsible for management and oversight of the company-wide response and comprehensive risk mitigation efforts. The IRT met daily and provided real-time and weekly reports to SWN’s Executive Leadership Team. These regular interactions allowed SWN to institute dynamic and timely office closures, remote work protocols and enhanced field safety practices for employees based on case rates and other trends in our areas and across the United States. SWN’s response to COVID-19 included:

  • Installation of automated electronic temperature screening devices at controlled access points within our office locations
  • Employment of manned temperature screeners at field locations
  • Requiring masks, social distancing, and quarantine procedures at all field and office locations based on state and federal guidance
  • Providing on-site priority COVID-19 testing for employees and family members
  • Additional paid time off for non-exempt workers required to isolate or quarantine
  • Confidential support and resources through Employee Assistance Services
  • On-site vaccinations for employees and family members in 2021
  • Focused education efforts aimed at increasing our vaccinations rates across the Company