IPIECA: SOC-10 / SASB: EM-EP-210a.3 / GRI: 102-42 , 103-2

Everywhere SWN operates, we engage proactively with local officials, citizens, businesses, nonprofit organizations, emergency responders and land and mineral owners during all phases of our operations. Every community is unique, so we tailor our community engagement efforts based on what is important locally. However, some key elements remain the same. We share information openly, seek community feedback, and work to understand, anticipate and resolve community concerns.

We inform local residents about our company’s culture and operations, so they know who we are and what they can expect from our presence and activities. More importantly, we listen and seek to attain a true understanding of the local community, its people and the values and issues that matter to them. We strive to add value, whether by building a local workforce, engaging with schools and community groups, supporting emergency responders or via other means.

SWN senior leadership and dedicated local community engagement staff engage directly with community leaders and residents to understand local concerns and determine how we can address them.

Because of our commitment hiring locally, most SWN employees are members of the communities where we operate, and community engagement is a responsibility and an obligation that we share. The ties we build together help us to respond to local concerns and strengthen our standing in each community.

Protecting Cultural Resources and Engaging With Tribes

SWN is mindful of protecting historic, cultural and archaeological resources. Our approach is guided by our Human Rights Policy, which is consistent with international principles, including the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

We are sensitive to the protection of tribal sites, and we engage Native American nations where our activities may impact their lands. A SWN representative serves on the board of directors for Leaders in Energy and Preservation (LEAP), a coalition of energy companies and historic preservation experts that aims to avoid or mitigate impacts to archeological and historic sites of importance. We are currently working with LEAP members to improve the tools available to help companies like SWN screen for potential heritage sites when making development plans. We consider such screenings an important part of operating as a responsible energy producer.