IPIECA: SOC-13, SOC-14, SOC-15 / GRI: 103-2, 203-1, 203-2

Energy development brings communities significant economic benefits. SWN creates jobs with higher-than-average wages and makes direct payments to local landowners through mineral leases and royalties. Through taxes1 and impact fees, we fund important government services, including schools, as well as infrastructure improvements, emergency preparedness, public safety and affordable housing. In West Virginia, approximately 75% of our property taxes goes to local schools. In Pennsylvania, the impact fees assessed on our wells are used to offset the statewide impact of drilling and to fund the Marcellus Legacy Fund, which in turn provides grants to Pennsylvania counties for highway, road and bridge improvements, environmental stewardship, water and storm water systems and emergency response. We also make direct contributions to schools, nonprofits and community groups through our charitable giving.

Commodity prices may change over time, but SWN is steadfast in its support of long-term economic stability in the communities where we operate.

Developing a Local Workforce

SWN becomes part of the communities in which we operate, and core to this is our commitment to hire locally. By doing so, SWN is able to obtain valuable insight and perspective on local needs and concerns. Thus, when we enter a new area, developing and maintaining a local workforce is an important part of our community engagement efforts.

To expand access to the opportunities provided by our operations and build local pools of qualified candidates, we develop and sponsor programs that generate interest in the oil and gas industry and provide educational opportunities for those who wish to pursue careers in the industry.

Supporting Higher Education in Petroleum Technology

SWN supports and develops petroleum technology training programs in our primary operating areas. We have established scholarship funds, helped develop new courses, served as guest lecturers and provided real-world field experiences on SWN sites. SWN continues to support Lackawanna College’s School of Petroleum and Natural Gas in Pennsylvania and has donated in excess of $130,000 to the College since 2012.

Supporting STEM Education

SWN works with a number of organizations to enhance schools and provide opportunities for students. We promote science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) programs because they help students to develop talents that map onto the highly skilled, high-wage jobs in our industry; these programs also help SWN source a pipeline of future talent for our own operations. Some of our key efforts in this area include the following:

Mobile Oilfield Learning Unit

SWN joined with five other oil and gas operators in Pennsylvania to develop the first Appalachia-specific mobile oilfield learning unit (MOL-U), building on our support of a similar, non-region-specific unit in 2017. The Appalachian MOL-U is a traveling educational exhibit that includes hands-on activities covering important elements of oil and gas exploration and production that teach key math and science concepts. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we did not visit any schools in 2020.


Since 2018, Southwestern Energy has worked in partnership with the Community Foundation for the Ohio Valley to provide mini grants to support K–12 STEM activities at schools in the West Virginia counties in which we operate. To date, this grant program has provided more than $27,000 to fund projects in 59 classrooms. Other STEM activities funded by SWN include support for the Susquehanna County Career & Technology Center in Pennsylvania, activities at the Boys & Girls Country of Houston, Inc., sponsorship of an educational exhibit contained within the Houston Museum of Natural Science and the IPAA Educational Foundation.

$1.7 million

contributed to support skilled workforce development and STEM education since 2015

  1. “Taxes” include state income taxes, payroll withholding taxes, severance fees, property taxes, franchise taxes, and sales and use taxes. Sales and use tax amounts included in the tax totals are exclusive of refund and audit payments.