DTF: DTF-2 / IPIECA: SHS-3 / SASB: EM-EP-320a.1 / GRI: 103-1, 103-2, 403-9

We measure company health, safety and environmental (HSE) performance using a range of leading and lagging indicators. Leading indicators include metrics for training, leadership commitment, employee involvement and the quality of incident investigations. Lagging indicators include incidents, near misses and days away from work. Leading indicators help drive continuous improvement in our safety performance, while lagging indicators help us assess the success of our safety management efforts. All SWN employees and contractors are evaluated on and held accountable for HSE performance. We are committed to continuous improvement and hold all employees – including senor management – accountable to this goal with year-over-year HSE performance targets.

In 2020, not only did we achieve record safety performance for TRIR, DART and TRER, but we also achieved top quartile performance among our peers in safety, driving and environmental performance.

Some of our key performance metrics for 2020 include the following:


improvement in combined employee and contractor Total Recordable Incident Rate, compared with 2019


decrease in Days Away, Lost or Transferred (DART) combined rate for employees and contractors, compared with 2019


employee or contractor fatalities


decrease in Total Recordable Environmental Rate, compared with 2019


decrease in Tier 1 and Tier 2 environmental incidents, compared with 2019


reduction in driving safety incidents, compared to 2019


company leading indicator goal met for each division performing the following: high impact "hazard hunts" JSEA reviews / audits held with contractors leadership site visits


near misses reported and reviewed to improve hazard identification and mitigation

See the Safety Performance Metrics section for additional Health and Safety metrics.