Responsible environmental stewardship is a core value at SWN. We believe natural gas is an essential part of a lower-carbon energy future and we are well-positioned to help deliver this future through responsible energy development.

Our operations are informed by the best current science and industry practices and guided by a commitment to be a model operator in environmental stewardship. Our Health, Safety and Environmental Policy underpins our commitment to avoid and mitigate environmental impacts associated with operations, including reducing emissions, conserving energy and reducing waste. Our comprehensive environmental management system helps to ensure that we operate consistently and at a high level across our operating regions. We maintain positive and productive relationships with federal and state regulatory agencies, and it is our practice to conform our operations to the spirit – not just the letter – of all environmental rules and regulations.

Key Metrics

14.3 billion

gallons of fresh water delivered to the environment through conservation projects since 2014, including 2.4 billion gallons of beneficial fresh water to the environment in 2020 alone


Recycling of produced water compared to the volume of produced water SWN generated in 20201


methane leak/loss rate for 20202


of our operational facilities surveyed for potential methane leaks in 2020


of our compressor stations surveyed for potential methane leaks in 2020


of identified leaks were repaired3


Total Produced Fluid Spill Rate in 20204

  1. This includes produced water that SWN received from other operators, as well as rainfall captured in production equipment which is managed as contact water with our water management system. SWN also shared produced water with other operators; however in 2020, we received more than we shared out to others.
  2. In November 2020, SWN acquired Montage Resources, with producing wells in Ohio and West Virginia. As a result of this acquisition, the methane leak/loss rate increased 0.02% from 2019 to 2020. In accordance with U.S. Environmental Protection Agency greenhouse gas reporting requirements, the properties acquired were included in the calculation for the entire year of 2020. The methane leak/loss rate for 2020 for Montage Resources was 0.141%, while SWN had a methane leak/loss rate without Montage of 0.059%.
  3. All leaks are ultimately repaired. However, fewer than 1% of leaks in 2020 were identified for delayed repair, in accordance with regulations to prevent excess emissions as a result of immediate repair.
  4. The Total Produced Fluid Spill Rate in 2020 was calculated by dividing the total barrels of produced fluid spilled outside of primary containment by 1,000 barrels of produced fluid. Produced fluid is defined as produced water, condensate, oil or natural gas liquids.