Philanthropy, giving back and volunteering are part of our culture and business strategy. This approach, which we call Social Energy, is coordinated to maximize impact across our focus areas – education, well-being, emergency response, clean air and water, family focus and support of military service members – while incorporating local needs. Social Energy includes company-funded charitable contributions, coordination and encouragement of employee volunteering, and matching gifts for SWN employees’ own charitable giving. We leverage team members’ passion to serve by coordinating donations and volunteering efforts. For example, we match SWN leaders with the boards of local nonprofits to extend the benefits of our financial contributions. We also match employee donations to eligible charities of their choosing up to $15,000 per year.1


in total charitable giving in 20192


in matching gifts from SWN employees in 2019


hours volunteered by SWN employees in 2019


and hundreds of volunteer hours contributed in 2019 to food banks and other organizations working to reduce hunger

$11 million

contributed over the past five years to protect and restore waterways as part of our Fresh Water Neutral conservation initiative

  1. Matching requires a minimum $100 donation from SWN employees.
  2. Charitable contributions do not include industry association fees or political contributions.