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Southwestern Energy’s preferred method of payment to royalty owners is ACH. ACH is a safe and secure network for processing electronic payments, commonly known as direct deposit. All royalty owners are strongly encouraged to sign up for ACH payments.

Royalty Owner Benefits of Electronic Payments

  • Owner will receive payments sooner - electronic payments eliminate mail time.
  • Increased security – eliminates the risk of lost or stolen checks.
  • Saves time and money – since the money is electronically deposited in your account, preparing deposits and trips to the bank are eliminated.

What is Required of the Royalty Owner?

  • Valid U.S. bank account

How Do I Sign Up?

Registering for electronic payments is easy. Simply print and complete an ACH Authorization Agreement located in the right side bar on this page. This form must be filled out completely and an original voided check (checking account) or a letter from your bank (checking or savings accounts) signed by a bank representative stating the ACH routing number, bank account number, account type and names of signers on the account. Once finished, you can e-mail the form to, fax to 832.796.6065 or mail to:
    Southwestern Energy Company / Attn: DDA
    P.O. Box 12359
    Spring, TX 77391-2359
    Phone: (866) 322-0801

Please allow up to two payment cycles for processing. Please note you will continue to receive a check while we process your request.


  • How often are ACH payments made? ACH payments are processed the 25th of every month.
  • How can I change my banking information? Submit another ACH Authorization Agreement with the updated information to
  • If the checking account is joint, do both parties have to sign the form? Yes, all parties listed on the VOIDED check will need to sign the form.