Vertical Integration – Better business results using our own crews, equipment and systems

At Southwestern Energy, safe, efficient and productive operations are the hallmark of our activity. We hire our own people to operate our own equipment, which includes seven highly advanced drilling rigs capable of penetrating miles of rock to prepare for extraction of oil and gas reservoirs. From time to time we also have outside contractors to supplement the work of our crews. 

SWN also has its own hydraulic fracturing crews, fleets and equipment. Unlike other companies, we mainly choose to hire our own employees and manage our own equipment because of the superior results we achieve. Our people are highly motivated to perform at a high level, every day, since doing so is not only a source of pride to our workers, but it further ensures the strong performance of the company.

Additionally, the company builds and manages many of its own water pipelines to convey enough water for drilling and production processes. They transmit water more reliably and efficiently than by truck, reducing traffic as well as wear and tear on the roads and highway infrastructure around the area.

Operational Excellence

SWN is constantly improving its safe, cost efficient and reliable drilling, completions and production operations. The company is pursuing an ambitious program to dramatically reduce costs-per-well through focused goals around safety, efficiency and productivity. This means taking a careful, collaborative approach to ensure safety and operating standards are maintained as we deploy cost-efficient techniques to maximize production.

For example, in 2018, we reduced road traffic by more than 1.3 million truckloads.

Economies of Scale

Our vast resource base brings economies through sheer volume, unlocking sizable value. Drilling 5,000 horizontal unconventional wells in the Appalachian Basin provides the opportunity to fine-tune and scale our techniques, testing variables to maximize output while minimizing costs. We also apply advanced analytics to our extensive well database and model rock properties with well performance to discover additional value.