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Overview of SWN's Political Activities

The success of Southwestern Energy Company and its subsidiaries depends upon public policies at the national, state and local levels affecting the exploration, production and transportation of natural gas and oil. The Board of Directors of Southwestern Energy Company recognizes the vital importance of the Company’s participation in the political process in order to protect and enhance the Company’s interests and create value for its stockholders. In order to ensure that the Company’s political contributions and expenditures comply with all applicable laws and reflect its corporate values, in 2009, the Company’s Board of Directors adopted a policy relating to all corporate political contributions made by the Company directly or through the Board of Directors-approved Southwestern Energy Company PAC (the “SWN PAC”), which accepts voluntary contributions from certain eligible SWN employees and annual contributions of $5,000 from certain of the Company’s subsidiaries. The articles of association of the SWN PAC, which designates the persons employed by the Company who are eligible to act as its directors and hold certain offices, was approved by the Company’s Board of Directors.
The SWN PAC administers two separate funds, one which is registered with the U.S. Federal Election Commission and exclusively accepts contributions from certain of the Company’s employees and makes expenditures in support of candidates or political committees of candidates for federal office (the “SWN FED PAC”) and the other which is registered in the state of Arkansas and exclusively accepts contributions from the Company’s subsidiaries and makes expenditures in support of candidates or political committees of candidates for state or local office in that state (the “SWN State PAC”). SWN PAC’s Board of Directors approves all decisions to make political contributions or expenditures through its funds. You may read our political contributions policy by accessing this link ==> View policy (pdf)

Annual Reports to Shareholders

Southwestern Energy Company makes available to its shareholders and stakeholders a list of all corporate political contributions and contributions made by the Company, SWN FED PAC and the SWN State PAC. This list is updated and posted on our website annually in March. You may view our reports below:
View 2017 report (pdf)
View 2016 report (pdf)
View 2015 report (pdf)

Factors Considered in Making Political Contributions

Where permitted, the Company and/or the SWN PAC make lawful political contributions to political candidate committees and political parties, associations and other political organizations. Any such contributions are reported to the governing agencies to the extent required by law. As mentioned above under “Annual Reports to Shareholders,” we disclose our political contributions as part of our annual reporting. A detailed schedule of the SWN FED PAC contributions can be accessed on the U.S. Federal Election Commission website at
Political contributions are to be made in accordance with the Company’s political contributions policy only as permitted under federal, state and local laws to help elect candidates who demonstrate integrity and character, support the domestic production of oil and natural gas and understand the contribution of the oil and natural gas industry to our national economy and national security. Other factors considered in determining whether to support a candidate include:
  • Whether the candidate sits on a committee that addresses legislation affecting our businesses;
  • Whether the candidate represents a district or state in which Southwestern Energy presently conducts or intends to conduct significant operations;
  • The committee standing and ranking of the candidate;
  • The candidate’s elected leadership position; and
  • The candidate’s voting record.

Review with the Board of Directors

The political contributions of Southwestern Energy Company are reviewed on an annual basis with the Company’s Board of Directors.

Trade Association

Southwestern Energy Company regularly engages with and participates in trade associations and similar tax exempt organizations in the energy industry in the ordinary course of its business in order to stay informed of pertinent issues that may affect the Company’s interests. The Company’s participation in these associations or organizations, however, is determined by its business imperatives and its need for access to relevant information. Trade associations support member companies by educating the public, advocating company and industry positions, fostering critical relationships and supporting informed public policy decisions. Trade associations can have diverse memberships and diverse member views on matters relating to public policy. We may at times disagree with the prevailing views of the majority of the association's membership. While we may not always agree with the positions taken by an association or its members, corporate memberships enable us to learn the views of others, obtain feedback from them, and voice our concerns and positions on proposed legislation and regulations in a more educated and balanced way. The Company receives information from trade associations in the U.S. regarding the portion of our dues or contributions that are used for lobbying purposes. Below is a list of trade and business associations in the U.S. to which the Company contributed $10,000 or more in 2017, that have advised us that a portion of our dues and other payments were used for lobbying expenses or political expenditures, and such amounts that were used for lobbying expenses or political expenditures are reported below:



American Exploration & Production Council (AXPC) $31,875
American Petroleum Institute $1,823,080
Arkansas Independent Producers and Royalty Owners (AIPRO) $687
Greater Houston Partnership, Inc. $4,500
Independent Petroleum Association of America (IPAA) $24,500
Marcellus Shale Coalition $59,363
National Petroleum Council $2,269
Natural Gas Supply Association (NGSA) $12,250
Pennsylvania Chamber of Business and Industry $3,000
Texas Alliance of Energy Producers $3,600
West Virginia Chamber of Commerce $6,386
West Virginia Oil and Natural Gas Association $8,000

Southwestern Energy Company does not engage any third party lobbyists to represent its interests at the federal level, and the federal lobbying activities of the Company’s Regulatory and Government Affairs staff do not require registration at the federal level. Members of the Company’s Regulatory and Government Affairs staff, however, are registered lobbyists in Texas and Arkansas, and we also engage outside lobbyists within the state of Arkansas. The reports filed by these individuals are public record and can be viewed online at the website of the Arkansas Secretary of State (search for “Southwestern Energy Company,” “Southwestern Energy Co.,” “Southwestern Energy Company and its subsidiaries” or “Southwestern Energy Co. and its subsidiaries ”). For the state of Texas, the reports can be viewed online at the website of the Texas Ethics Commission at