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Shareholders and other interested parties may contact the Company's board of directors, including the non-management directors, the presiding director, or any of the other directors individually or as a group, by writing to them:
c/o Corporate Secretary
Southwestern Energy Company
PO Box 12359
Spring, Texas 77391-2359
The Corporate Secretary shall review, sort and summarize the communications and forward them to the intended recipient(s) on a periodic basis, but no less frequently than every calendar quarter. Employees and other interested parties desiring to contact the Board or any member of the Audit Committee to report concerns or complaints with respect to accounting, internal accounting controls or auditing matters may do so anonymously by using the address above. For more information concerning the Company's procedures for the receipt, retention and treatment of concerns or complaints regarding accounting, internal accounting controls or auditing matters, please click here to view the Confidential Complaint Procedures.